My teaching interests revolve around slavery and emancipation in the Atlantic World, European imperialism, gender and sexuality, political economy, labor history, and the study of incarceration. This broad list reflects my wide-ranging scholarly interests.

My primary ambition as an educator is fairly straightforward: to impart to students an interest in and knowledge of history, social theory, and the world of which they are a part. A second aim is to foster transferable writing, research, and critical thinking skills that students can take with them long after they leave my classes. Working within the framework of culturally responsive pedagogy, I am intentional about fostering classroom environments that are welcoming to students of diverse educational cultural backgrounds, intellectual interests, and accessibility needs. I am constantly striving to enhance my pedagogical proficiency by participating in relevant professional development opportunities. For example, working as consultant at Duke’s Thompson Writing Program Writing Studio has enabled me to hone my skills in the realm of writing pedagogy.

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